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Now Read This: I Found Jesus in the Stock Market

Now Read This: I Found Jesus in the Stock Market

Cassandra Laymon confesses that she never set out to write another book, let alone one that had Jesus in the title. But the certified financial planner wanted to share her story with others.

“People know about socially responsible investing, but they don’t know about this,” said Laymon, whose book, “I Found Jesus in the Stock Market: How Biblically Responsible Investing Can Change Your Heart, Too” was published in February.

In the book, Laymon described biblically responsible investing as “a unique approach to investing that seeks to glorify God as an act of worship and to promote Biblical values such as the sanctity of life, family, marriage, etc.”

That means advising clients to invest in companies that align with the Bible and the word of God, which Laymon refers to as “positive screening.”

“There are many companies seeking to be a blessing in this world, through the products and services they offer, through the way they serve their customers and their employees, and through funding worth charities and missions,” Laymon wrote.

That also means avoiding investing in companies that are pro-abortion, pornography, alcohol, tobacco and gambling, Laymon added.

“These are sometimes referred to as ‘sin stocks,’ a term used to ‘identify a stock of a company either directly involved in or associated with activities widely considered to be unethical or immoral,” Laymon wrote.

A resident of Glade Hill, Laymon serves as president of Beacon Wealth Consultants (Rick, Laymon’s husband of five years, is CEO), which has offices in Roanoke and Westlake Corner.

In 2011 under her maiden name, Chandler, Laymon wrote “The Retirement Game for Nurses: 9 Simple and Sensible Strategies,” published by Open Door Publications. That book, Laymon said, stemmed from having worked as an independent advisor and in organizational development at a health care system in New Jersey.

In “I Found Jesus in the Stock Market,” Laymon, who holds a master’s degree in adult education and MBA from Rutgers University, walks readers through her own personal journey of finding religion after a 20-year hiatus.

“Not only did I come back to the church, I’m very vocal about sharing my experience,” she said. “My life has changed for the much, much better.”

The 124-page paperback book is available for $9.99 on

- Karen Dillon, Editor

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