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Chill out with these 10 wintry novels

Chill out with these 10 wintry novels

In many parts of the country, the COVID-19 pandemic's second wave will have many people sheltering in place with no outdoor options due to the weather. Here’s a list of activities to help avoid boredom at home. Source by: Stringr

Snow is a perfect character. It’s relentless, it’s uncaring, it’s destructive, it’s basically unpredictable, and under the right circumstances, it’s devastatingly beautiful. It will bury, destroy, disturb, upset and entrap. It can soften any noise or crash like an explosion. It can freeze a person solid or protect them.

And in the midst of a real-life blizzard, it can be wonderful meta-reading when it’s snowing inside your book as well. Think of “Doctor Zhivago” — who doesn’t envision the magical snow globe of that sleigh ride to Varikyno?

Chill out with one of these:


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