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Land and home transfers

Land and home transfers

Bedford County

Timothy L. and Hannah B. Jenks to Erik E. and Kimberly J. Bucks, lot 50, Gross Point, Jan. 29, Lakes District, $830,000.

James R. and Jennifer R. Rice to Robert and Mary L. Hayes, lot 36, section 2, Village East, Jan. 27, Lakes District, $785,000.

William D. Meyer and Bruce E. Meyer to Daniel Michael and Cynthia Marie Chartier, 2000 block Walnut Grove Church Road and additional parcel, Jan. 29, Blue Ridge District, $575,000.

Jackie B. and Ruth A. Tuck to Oliver R. and Kimberly H. Price, lot 5, section 4, Galway Bay, Jan. 28, Lakes District, $465,000.

Harold and Diane Krein to Michael J. Filan and Elizabeth J. McElroy, lot B, Buccaneer Road, Jan. 28, Lakes District, $420,000.

Teresa L. Shell to Julie and Bernard W. Arrington Jr., lot 14, Virginia Ridge, Jan. 28, Blue Ridge District, $295,000.

Sidney L. Burd to Rebecca L. Johnson, 100 block of Sedgefield Lane, Feb. 1, Blue Ridge District, $287,500.

Dane K. Gerwig, Dane L. Gerwig, and Judy H. Gerwig to Alva K. Kesler, revised lot 23A, section 5A, Mariner’s Landing, Feb. 2, Lakes District, $255,000.

Travis A. and Kaitlyn J. Lively to Samantha Leigh Stover, 1000 block Rock Spring Road, Feb. 2, Lakes District, $247,000.

Kevin L. Hart to Taylor L. Cockerille, 1000 block Sandy Level Road, Feb. 1, Blue Ridge District, $209,000.

Mitchell W. Greenberg and Christina L. Senft to Gregory A. Morris, Olivia G. Morris, Jerry K. Radford and Sandra L. Radford, lot 51 and portion of lot 50, Ridgecrest Subdivision, Jan. 29, Lakes District, $205,000.

Scott A. and Jennifer L. Asselin to Shelly R. Beard and Amber L. Beard, 1000 block Stonewall Road, Jan. 29, Blue Ridge District, $187,000.

Daniel Cantrell and Misty Cantrell to Brian R. and Carol A. Noren, 100 block Oak Branch Road, Jan. 28, Blue Ridge District, $187,000.

Buddy M. Mitchell III and Ronell F. Mitchell to Allison Seamster and Michael Lacks, 1000 block Fescue Circle, Feb. 1, Lakes District, $175,000.

Sheri B. Roberts to Richard Epps Foster IV, 2000 block Sandy Level Road and adjoining parcel, Jan. 29, Blue Ridge District, $166,500.

J. Clark and Shirley B. Jamison to Tiffany Nicole Smith, lots 2 and 3, Cox Subdivision, Feb. 1, Lakes District, $149,000.

Dustin D. Nutter to Erna L. Simkins, 1000 block Gravel Hill Road, Jan. 28, Blue Ridge District, $141,300.

Ethel G. King to Brian W. and Deanna E. Gray, parcel, Jordantown Road, Jan. 28, $110,000.

Debra J. Edwards ad Nicholas Gene Edwards to Joseph W. Boswell II and Tamra F. Boswell, lot 6, block 3, Snug Harbor, Jan. 29, Lakes District, $55,000.

David T. Murphy to Danielle N. Bird, four parcels, Toler’s Ferry Road, Jan. 29, Lakes District, $52,500.

Benalder Bayse Jr. and Algernon Michael Dean Bayse to Coey E. and Janice M. Gleisner, parcel, Goose Creek Valley Road, Jan. 27, Blue Ridge District, $50,000.

Marie A. Via to Jack C. Payne Jr., 6000 block Sandy Ford Road, Jan. 28, Blue Ridge District, $50,000.

Timberline of Virginia Inc. to Justino Saenz-Sierra and Kimberly D. Saenz, 10000 block Lynchburg Salem Turnpike West, Jan. 29, Blue Ridge District, $49,500.

Jeffrey S. and Robin S. McCray to Trevor Ray Kendrick, parcel, Pine Ridge Road, Feb. 1, Lakes District, $47,500.

Bobby F. and Melanie L. Davis to Tommy Lee Kingree, lot 2, section 3, Mariner’s Landing, Jan. 29, Lakes District, $21,000.

Georgia Miller Lehner to Laura Franklin and Gary R. Durney, lot 8, block 6, Snug Harbor, Jan. 27, Lakes District, $20,000.

Franklin County

Bryan L. Shade to Kevin W. Minnick, lot 365, section 6 and lot 471, section 8, Waters Edge, Oct. 6, $1,160,000.

William R. Skiles to Edward S. Janoski, lot 17, The Boardwalk, Oct. 16, $563,900.

Coy E. Shields Jr. to Drew Westhall, lot 26, phase I, Admirals Landing, Oct. 2, $554,500.

Katherine P. Saville to William W. Calvin, unit 212, building 200, Marina Bay, Oct. 26, $409,000.

Deborah B. Robertson to Zaccariah Allen, unit G-4, section 5, phase II, Waterfront, Oct. 30, $330,000.

Robert Schechterly to Stephen E. Kislow, unit 110, building 100, South Pointe, Oct. 5, $316,600.

James W. Shortt to Craig R. Wilson, unit 109, building 1, phase 1, Gangplank Pointe, Oct. 21, $315,000.

Thomas E. Schurr to James Littlepage, lot B, building 2, Chestnut Villas, Oct. 23, $305,000.

Steven M. Small to Brian Edwards, lot 2, Westlake Pointe, Oct. 23, $290,000.

RKL Holdings LLC to Earle A. Mackenzie, lot 9 and 10, revised Villas at Waters Edge, Oct. 16, $200,000.

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