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Here's a list of 10 exceptional movies from women directors this year, all scoring higher on Metacritic than the films from Golden Globe-nominated directors James Cameron ("Avatar: The Way of Water") and Baz Luhrmann ("Elvis").

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Answer: In the U.S., buy now, pay later services are not currently covered by the Truth in Lending Act, which regulates credit cards and other types of loans (those paid back in more than four installments).

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This book takes a deep dive into Pixar’s shorts and feature films over 25 years.

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Spike Lee’s 360-page photo book spans the prolific director’s life and career to date, packed with inspiring imagery and visual storytelling that immerse the reader into his creative process and cultural impact, all packed inside a gorgeous fuchsia cover.

Even auteurs like Spike Lee, Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock have had passion projects shelved due to overly ambitious plans, studios afraid to take risks, and laughably enormous budgets.